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Leak freeNo skiveBite the wire
Ptented c-insert1000K impulse tested600K impulse tested
Abrasion resistantAbrasion resistantNitrile tube
BioDesigned to fitOne for all
Min. bend radiusFlexibleGrease free

Gates hose assemblies are manufactured to stringent tolerances, allowing consistently superior performance and eliminating the common failures of hydraulic hose assemblies. When you buy Gates hose assemblies, you get visible product quality and a wide array of advanced-design features.

Consider these robust benefits:

Environmental protection and enhanced safety

Leak freeNo skiveBite the wirePtented c-insert

All Gates Global couplings are no-skive. No-skive means that your assemblies are not exposed to the risk of contamination that comes with their skived counterparts.

The advanced MegaCrimp® bite-the-wire tooth profile and the revolutionary patented MegaCrimp® C-insert ensures environmental protection and enhanced safety, thanks to its leak-free, concentric and full-length crimp.



Last up to 3 times longer

1000K imoulse tested600K imoulse tested

Gates Global hoses can last up to 3 times longer than the standard products.

Gates Global wire-braid hose and MegaCrimp® coupling assemblies are developed to withstand impulse testing to 600,000 cycles.

Gates Global spiral-wire hose and GlobalSpiral™ coupling assemblies even go to 1,000,000 cycles.

Cost-effective and long-lasting solution to abrasion

Abrasion resistantAbrasion resistant

Gates unique MegaTuff™ and XtraTuff™ hose covers provide respectively 300 times/25 times greater abrasion resistance than standard hoses, providing you with extended product lifetime even under the harshest conditions.

Gates MegaTuff™ and XtraTuff™ hose covers are made of a special hybrid compound offering an exceptional resistance to:

  • abrasion
  • oil
  • ozone
  • chemicals
  • weathering

Compatibility with the future

Nitrile tubeBio

The full nitrile inner tube of Gates Global hoses guarantees:

  • environmental protection
  • outstanding compatibility with synthetic and biodegradable oils
  • superior resistance to the aggressive influence of oil additives
  • elimination of oil seeping through the tube and the different reinforcement layers

Easy selection and assembly

Designed to fitOne for all

The Gates Global spiral-wire and wire-braid hoses and couplings are designed in the most efficient manner.

One ferrule fits the entire range for each respective construction. Gates Global hoses and couplings carry logical part numbers which make identification a breeze. Gates’ Integrated System Approach is your best way to increase your profitability. All elements of the hose assembly process are designed together.


More compact assemblies, easier routing

Min. bend radiusFlexible

Gates Global hoses are your ideal choice for tight, tortuous applications. They provide high flexibility even on the tightest applications.

Gates Global hoses are designed to deliver their superior performance at incredibly tight bend radii and manufactured to require minimal bending force.

Grease-free crimping operation

Grease free

Gates crimpers come with a unique self-lubricating slide bearing system.

  • This system fully eliminates metal-to-metal abrasion between master dies and the crimper head.
  • It decreases friction by 20%.
  • Your working environment becomes cleaner. Dirt and debris are less likely to cause costly downtime.

In addition to this grease-free property, Gates crimping machines are easy of use and high performing. This enduring, maintenance-poor design brings the Total Cost of Ownership of Gates crimpers to record lows.