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A higher standard in safety with the Gates’ Safe Hydraulics training programme
Never underestimate the power of a hydraulic hose assembly under pressure. Just having the Gates high-quality hoses and couplings is not enough to ensure the safety of your hydraulic hose assemblies. Choosing wrong components, improper assembly, installation or even storage can compromise performance and even human safety.

Safe hydraulics

What makes your system really stand out?

All the components of a hose assembly have to work together. That rarely happens when parts are sourced from multiple vendors.

Mixing and matching couplings and hoses from different manufacturers can lead to premature assembly failure.

Hoses, couplings, assembly equipment and crimping tolerances from different vendors are never guaranteed to offer safe interchangeability.

Improper assembly and installation is bound to compromise performance and human safety. If a hydraulic hose assembly fails, the assembler can be held accountable for damages, as stated by European legislation (98/37/CE - EN 982).

Experts teach you how to work safely and how to reduce your risks

To help you avoid material and personal hazards and liability issues, Gates will provide you with expert information on safety issues affecting hydraulic hose assemblies through the Gates’ Safe Hydraulics programme.

The Safe Hydraulics Europe programme is a world-class product, safety and preventive maintenance training programme. Gates application engineers design the programme. You get taught by certified trainers. Gates is committed to increasing industry and end-user awareness of preventive maintenance and safety issues affecting hydraulic hose assemblies.

What does the Safe Hydraulics training programme offer?

  • World-class product, safety and preventive maintenance training
  • Global and local expertise by Gates application engineers
  • Certified trainers
  • Information tailored for assembly workshops and end-users

How does the Safe Hydraulics training programme work?

  • Seminars via Gates exclusive partner network
  • Covers the entire process: storage, selection, installation and inspection
  • Includes an overview of relevant EU legislation, complete with practical examples
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To learn more about how to ensure the safety and performance of your hydraulic hose assemblies through the Gates Safe Hydraulics Europe programme, go to www.safehydraulicseurope.com or ask for our Safe Hydraulics pocket guide at your local distributor.