Save money with Gates!

Elevated operational costs compromise your profit account. Team up with Gates and save money. We take pride in our reputation as the world’s most trusted hydraulic hose assembly manufacturer. Our dedication to quality and service is your benefit:

Money pie
  • Gates hose assemblies last three times longer
    than the international standards require
  • You realise high savings on your operational costs
TCO calculator

Use Gates’ TCO calculator to learn more about the costs of replacing hydraulic hoses preventively or in the field and their impact on your total costs.


Four obvious reasons to choose Gates Hydraulics:

  1. High-quality hydraulic components

    Gates products are designed to go the long road. High-quality materials and advanced product features optimise your operations and bring downtime and maintenance costs to a reassuring low.

  2. Professional services

    Choosing Gates is not just buying efficient hydraulics, but also being assured of the power of a strong brand name and a highly experienced team. Nearly 100 years of continuous research enables us to offer unique experience and expert advice in application engineering, technical support, product training and customer service.

  3. Unrivalled safety

    Gates is your one-stop shop for safe, long-lasting hydraulics that are designed to interact flawlessly: hoses, couplings, dies, machines, tools are fine-tuned to be fully compatible. Providing you with safe, long-lasting hydraulic assemblies is our main concern.
    Moreover, the Gates Safe Hydraulics programme helps you to know how to handle Gates hose assemblies safely during their lifetime.

  4. Easy self-assembly

    The true value of the Gates self-assembly system comes from the Gates Integrated System Approach: all elements of the hose assembly process are designed to fit together. By assembling Gates superior hoses and couplings, using advanced self-assembly machines and dies, following optimal crimp data, you will easily produce a factory-quality assembly performing above and beyond any international standard.