Factory-quality assemblies made by you!

The Gates Integrated System Approach: what benefits does it offer you?
Gates Integrated System Approach is your best way to increase your profitability. Crimping your own factory-quality hose assembly will help you to reduce your costs.

Safe hydraulicsMoreover, it is surprisingly easy. All Gates elements of the hose assembly process are designed to fit together. When Gates Global hoses and couplings are crimped by Gates’ crimpers range, in accordance with Gates’ optimal crimp data, they yield factory-quality assemblies fully compliant to European Directives and legislation exceeding all international standards.

This ensures you can rely on Gates assemblies to go the long road.


A simple equation saves you money:

Superior products
manufactured to
stringent tolerances
plus Innovative self-assembly
machines and dies

rigorously validated
plus Optimal crimp data
derived from
meticulous testing
Factory-quality hose assemblies made by you

Superior products

Gates Global hoses and couplings offer you:

  • visible product quality
  • a wide array of advanced-design features
  • consistently superior performance: hoses and couplings are manufactured to stringent tolerances

Gates hoses and couplings are designed, tested and validated together – each with the other in mind. They are a true evolution in hydraulic component design. This is what makes Gates the master of the hose and coupling interface.

Innovative self-assembly machines

The newest Gates range of grease-free self-assembly machines and dies are custom-designed to work with Gates Global range of hoses and couplings.

Gates dies are characterised by a proprietary profile design for an optimal cylindrical crimp. They are tried, tested and validated to provide you with the most optimal crimp settings.

Furthermore, Gates die sets are logically organised to facilitate die selection time after time.

Optimal crimp data

Each Gates crimper comes with validated crimp settings data for the complete Gates Global hose and coupling product range. No need for time consuming trial-and-error to find the ideal settings! You can even register to constantly stay up to date with the latest developments via mail or internet.

Save on time and money, never on quality.