Consider your Total Cost of Ownership!

Total cost of ownership

Product price is not the price of the product.

You want your costs for hydraulic assemblies to stay comfortably low. But do you really know the total costs of your hydraulic assembly? If you would take all operational costs into account, would you still choose the hose assembly that looked cheapest at first glance?

A Total Cost of Ownership shows you:

  • The purchase price of your hose assembly
  • The operational costs that you encounter or may encounter during the hose assembly lifecycle

What are the operational costs for
your hydraulic hose assemblies?

The cost of hose assembly components is much smaller than the operational costs. These additional costs can be incurred in following situations:

Costs as a part of a preventive maintenance programme:

Even in the best case scenario, you pay operational costs. Imagine the costs for a hose assembly to be replaced during a preventive maintenance programme:

  • Costs associated with inventory of hoses and couplings.
  • Costs associated with crimping equipment to attach the couplings securely to the hose: investment and maintenance of crimpers, cutters and markers.
  • Labour costs to disconnect the failed assembly and to connect the new one.

Costs for repairs in the field:

When a hose fails in the field, the total replacement cost increases further. In addition to the preventive maintenance costs:

  • You pay transportation costs: either a mobile service needs to come or somebody needs to drive to a workshop.
  • You waste valuable time. Your labour costs increase because of waiting time at the counter.
  • But the highest and most painful cost is the production loss of the failed machine, and possibly of other machines operating on the same construction site.

Costs in the worst case scenario

In the worst case scenario, a failed assembly may cause material, environmental and personal damage due to the equipment becoming unresponsive. Imagine the prohibitive costs associated with environmental damage, personal injuries or fines.

Choose quality, lower your total costs, and get extra value with Gates!

TCO calculator

Use the TCO calculator to find out how much replacing a hydraulic hose preventively or in the field can impact on your total costs.

Considering the TCO ensures you will have paid a lot less at the end of your hose assembly lifetime. Choosing Gates high-quality hose assemblies helps you to avoid extra operational costs and save a lot of money. Gates is committed to help you to avoid breakdown costs and production loss, by offering you high-quality products and excellent services.